2022 Public Practice Salaries Accountants are in high demand! Public Practice is a highly lucrative sector […]
chimp paradox
Chimp Paradox – Prof. Steve Peters Why I bought it This has been on my reading […]
Why I bought it Okay, the truth on this one is that I was listening to […]
Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday Why I bought it Amazon does seem to throw […]
2021 Public Practice Salaries This list is our view on the market and how salaries have […]
first past the post
The Dangers of ‘first past the post’ The last year hasn’t been easy, especially for those […]
Have you ever heard of sunk-cost fallacy? I hadn’t up until about two years ago when […]
dont worry
Redundancy sucks, there are only a few other occurrences in life which throw you as much. […]
lockdown team
Recent reports claim almost 60% of the workforce will be looking for new jobs once ‘normality’ […]
As we enter our third period of lockdown I thought I would throw you all some […]
Why I bought it So it’s clear from the books we previously reviewed that is an […]
reasons to stay alive
Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig Why I bought it I bought Reasons to Stay […]
zero to one
Zero to One – Peter Thiel with Blake Masters Why I bought it I bought Zero […]
Not a Diet Book – James Smith Why I bought it As I mentioned in the […]
Well the adventure has well and truly started and in truth we couldn’t have asked for a better start. Yes, we could have taken on more opportunities, but we wouldn’t be able to give those we are working with the service we have promised.
atomic habits
It’s funny, Atomic Habits is about changing your habits and by reading the book, it has changed mine. Last year I read three books and I promised myself I would build a new habit. Like most, I had no idea how. I wrote all the changes I wanted to make in 2020 in December 2019 and I’ve managed to implement many. Thanks to this book.
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