Originl publish date – 17th August 2020

Elusive’s first two weeks…

Well the adventure has well and truly started and in truth we couldn’t have asked for a better start. Yes, we could have taken on more opportunities, but we wouldn’t be able to give those we are working with the service we have promised.

As we have stated, we aren’t aiming to reinvent recruitment (we hear this way too often) but we want to be different. We want to build a community and it’s great to already have you buying into that.

  • Two jobs registered in the first two weeks is great and we already have interviews lined up with some exceptional individuals.
  • We’ve also almost finished our website which will make the journey that much easier when searching for new positions.
  • We’ve spent hours on the phone to those who have called in to discuss their situations or just to find out what we are going to do.
  • As you may have noticed, we release a quote every few days and you’ll see our first book review later today.
  • We’ve arranged our first Podcast and this will also be released this week and you’ll hear us talk about our vision and plans for Elusive.

In the next two weeks we will be aiming to release a Whitepaper on redundancy, how its changed in the last 15 years and how people within our network have been affected.

Don’t get me wrong, times are scary, but we’ve grasped this time with both hands. We’re excited to assist you and we hope we can make a small difference.

We’d like to say thankyou to those who have connected with us and called into the office. We can’t wait to work with you when you need us.

Signing in for week three – the Elusive PS Team



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