Recruitment & Retention

From engagement to succesful start and follow up during appraisals and probationary meetings.
This is your traditional recruitment model undertaken in a modern manner.


Having engaged with Elusive we will take a full and detailed specification on what you are looking for.

We will advise and consult on market trends and give a clear indication of what you can expect of us. Dependent on which model you choose we will then give timescales and detail on how we will progress.

Every step is detailed so you have a full understanding of our process, how we will speak with those interested in the opportunity you are providing and finally secure the individual you feel is best suited to your opportunity.

Search and Start

Through intuitive multi-channel marketing, our network and search Elusive will provide details of individuals we feel would be suitable for such an opportunity. Each individual will be interviewed and asked about their background, need and wants to confirm both parties align.

We will then review or each profile and/or business with you and arrange meetings.

Upon successful completion we guarantee feedback for each party involved. The goal is the successful individual filling the opportunity within an easy and manageable process in which we complete the hard work maximising efficiency for all concerned.


Our goal is your success, therefore we gaurentee we will be there when required post the recruitment process.

Once in situ, we will continuously check in with Management, HR and those who have been succesful.  Our aim is to complete this once every month or more dependent on which package is chosen.

We have the option to assist with and be part of the appraisal process if so required.










Recruitment Process Design

Recruitment should not be complex.

In truth, you probably know exactly what is required. All we do is clarify this through a careful review of your existing process and strategy whilst suggesting and developing potential improvements. 

We analyse your process from a recruitment, branding and marketing perspective.

Once a full analysis of this has taken place we work and consult with you and your team to develop and implement a best in class process.



We understand recruitment.
What should and should not occur.
We can harness and develop your ability to achieve the best possible result.


Elusive believe in constant development. Business and recruitment evolve daily as do competitor offerings.
Not only can we look at your processes but we can work with you to achieve your best results

2020 has changed how businesses recruit and the requirements of individuals.


Recruitment is intuitive. Everyone has their own way of interviewing. You can have training on what to ask but as a Manager you must find your own path.

Those you meet will work with YOU so it is imperative they know who you are for a successful long term partnership to be forged.