First publish 2rd August 2020

About Us

Elusive’s is, at heart, a Recruitment Consultancy offering Recruitment Solutions. Due to our own history we focus on both Public Practice and Industry finance positions.

But we want to do more. By ‘Solutions’ we mean more than simply recruitment.

We are based in Hemel Hempstead and work across the Northern Home Counties and London. When we expand, we will delve into further regions in the South East but for now it is important we focus on giving the best possible service to those in the regions we know best.

Through the use of multiple channels, we will focus our attention on areas such as coaching, recruitment process development and upskilling. We have a close network of preferred partners to assist in this and will draw upon their and the team’s exposure to recruitment, marketing and branding. Our team focus on constantly learning, developing and focussing our skills and understanding of our clients and the ecosystems in which they inhabit, and we look forward to learning from everyone we work with just as we hope we can assist in your own growth and development.

Elusive’s founders are focused on your development, nobody is the finished product and our motto is ‘Quod vitae sectabor iter’ – ‘What path will I take?’ which is taken from the 17th century philosophers René Descartes. It is important to understand and accept individuality and when you work with us, we will clearly display this and set out how we can work together.


We are looking to form a community of like-minded professionals throughout the region who are focused on continuous growth for themselves, their teams and their business’s development. Elusive’s purpose and core focus and drive is to assist in this. We do this by assisting the process, consulting on changes you could make and providing a shortlist of individuals and/or businesses which will suit your needs, wants and requirements (whichever side of the fence you fall on).

Our focus on you, the individual.

We will be producing multi-channel content to assist your development and quite possibly your own search. This will include:

  • Whitepapers on current areas of interest (links will be sent via Elusive’s LinkedIn page or weekly e-mails)
  • Podcasts with advice, explanation, and current recruitment affairs
  • Weekly e-mails with advice, blogs, links to external content (sign up here)
  • Focal pages on LinkedIn (if you like to read join our book club which is for anyone, finance or not)
  • Blogs on recruitment, development and literature

This month we will be focused on who we are, redundancy in which we will be speaking to managers, HR and those who have had to go through the process and CV advice via our podcast.

We look forward to working with you.

Mailing List and Contact Details

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